What is PPS (Programmable Power Supply) Technology?

In 2017, the USB-IF Association added PPS ” Programmable Power Supply” as a rapid standard optional feature of the USB PD 3.0 (USB Power Delivery 3.0 ). In that same year, Qualcomm’s QC4.0 complied with PPS standards, reaching a unified charging scheme. 


PPS fast charging is the most advanced charging technology for USB-C devices. The technology dynamically adjusts the voltage and current in real-time, depending on a device’s charging status, feeding it with maximum power, therefore the result is your device getting charged up at a faster rate. It also decreases the conversion loss during charging, ensuring the charge is more efficient. 

Moreover, PPS charging is better at managing heat; less heat occurring with your battery also makes your battery last longer. Therefore, PPS fast charging is better for your device’s battery.

Which Devices Support PPS?

Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Note 10, Samsung S20 ultra, and Samsung Galaxy S21.


PPS compatible chargers must have at least 25W output , but even high output chargers above 25W in markets are often not PPS compatible.

In Innergie One for All adapter, you can find Adapter that support PPS:

C3 Duo 30 Watt Dual USB-C Adapter:  PPS 5V-11V/3A

C6 Duo 63 Watt Dual USB-C Adapter:  PPS 5V-11V/3A

45H 45W USB-C/A Adapter: PPS 5V-16V/3A