Upgrade Your Charging Experience

Apple Mfi certified for 3A fast charging cables and laptop tips.The cables could perfect convert to different devices.

The world's first 2-1 charging solution

The Innergie 18W works with Innergie universal laptop adapters to give you an instant USB-C port for charging mobile devices at the same time. It’s a convenient way to have access to extended capabilities when you need them without extraneous bulk when you don’t.

Charge Wherever in The World

World Travel Plug Kit includes 4 different chageable plugs, covering 150 countries.

Choose Your Accessories


18T USB-C Power Tip


Compatible with Laptop Tip collection, One For All collection or C-T cable

Output Power





Compatible with One For All collection Work with MacBook/Chromebook etc.

USB2.0 / Gen2

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Lightening to USB-C


Compatible with On For All collection Work with iPhone/iPad etc.

USB2.0 / Apple Mfi

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Laptop Charging Cable


Compatible with On For All collection

*Limited to 45W up

6 universal laptop connector tips included

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