Power Adapter for Your Apple Product

Apple’s newest iPhone comes with no charging adapter in the box. This overview will help you identify a USB power adapter for your Apple Product.


Here are the list of Output Power that your Apple Product will need:

  • Apple Watch: 5W

  • Airpods: 5W

  • iPhone (12,13 series or later) / iPad Air / Pro :20W (Max 27W)

  • MacBook Air:  30W

  • MacBook Pro 13 inch (M1):  61W 

  • MacBook Pro 16 inch (2019) : 96W


Easily choose which Innergie Adapter for your device:


  • C3 Duo 30 Watt Dual USB-C Adapter

  • 45H 45 Watt USB-C/A Adapter

  • C6 60 Watt USB-C Adapter

  • C6 Duo 63 Watt Dual USB-C Adapter