Should I Charge My Unused Phones Regularly?

New phone models continuously launched every year, many people have spare phones at home. Will the functionality of a phone that has not been used for a long time degrade? 

Leaving the mobile phone inactive for a long time can lead to unstable performance or even the inability to power on. This is because when the phone is idle for too long, the battery’s energy is depleted, which can impact the battery’s lifespan. To ensure the optimal condition of the phone, Innergie recommends you to periodically charge the idle phone.  


Before leaving your phone idle for an extended period, you can take the following steps: 


  1. Clean the phone thoroughly to prevent the accumulation of bacteria or mold during long-term storage. Avoid directly spraying alcohol on the device. Instead, use a cloth sprayed with alcohol to carefully wipe and clean the surface. 
  1. Store the phone in a sealed container or airtight bag to prevent prolonged exposure in the air, which can lead to surface oxidation. 


A smartphone left unused for an extended period may have a gradual decline in battery capacity. Therefore, Innergie recommends regular charging to maintain optimal battery health. 


For the best preservation of battery life, it is ideal to keep the battery charged between 20-80%. It is suggested to periodically (e.g., every 1-2 months) charge the phone to 70%-80% and then either use it or store it again. 

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The most important thing – when the phone is out of battery, it is essential to use a suitable, safe and high-quality charger. 


 When the phone battery is completely discharged, its voltage is at an extremely low level. If the charger does not correctly control the voltage, it can lead to a momentary surge in large current. This situation can cause a delay in the lithium-ion reaction, resulting in the formation of solid-state crystals and leading to a swollen battery. 

For safe and fast charging of your smartphone, Innergie is your best choice! 


Innergie, following Delta’s technology, maintains stricter internal standards and incorporates the InnerShield™ protection mechanism across its entire product range: 


  • Overcurrent Protection (OCP): The charger automatically shuts off when the output current is too high. 
  • Overvoltage Protection (OVP): The charger automatically shuts off when the output voltage is too high. 
  • Overheat Protection (OTP): The charger automatically shuts off when it becomes too hot. 
  • Overload Protection (OPP): The charger automatically shuts off when the power output is too high. 
  • Short Circuit Protection (SCP): The charger automatically shuts off in case of a short circuit in the phone charger.