Delta Demonstrates Digital Twin Developed on NVIDIA Omniverse and Its Own Energy-efficient AI Server Power and Infrastructure Solutions at NVIDIA GTC

Delta, a leading global provider of IoT-based Smart Green Solutions, announced its participation in the NVIDIAGTC AI conference to demonstrate its innovative digital twin platform, developed on NVIDIA Omniverse, aimed at enhancing its smart manufacturing capabilities. The showcase also includes Delta’s ORV3 AI server infrastructure solution, featuring power supplies with efficiency up to 97.5%, and a broad portfolio of cutting-edge DC/DC converters, power chokes, and 3D Vapor Chambers designed to support GPU operations.

Mark Ko, Delta’s Vice Chairman, said, “We are honored to be the only power and thermal management solutions provider at NVIDIA GTC 2024, where we will showcase the NVIDIA Omniverse-powered digital twin we have developed, which underscores our superior expertise in next-generation electronics manufacturing. We look forward to helping transcend the boundaries of energy efficiency in the AI realm using the latest technologies.”

Rev Lebaredian, NVIDIA’s Vice President of Omniverse and Simulation Technology, said “The new era of AI-powered manufacturing is marked by digital twins and synthetic data, which can enhance efficiency and productivity before actual production begins. By developing its digital platform on NVIDIA Omniverse, Delta can virtually link specific production lines and aggregate data from a diverse range of equipment and systems to create a digital twin of its operations. And with NVIDIA Isaac Sim, it can generate synthetic data to train its computer models to achieve 90% accuracy.”

Delta taps NVIDIA’s cutting-edge solutions to help enable energy efficiency in GPU ecosystems. At NVIDIA GTC, in addition to the NVIDIA Omniverse-based digital twin, which Delta applies to specific production lines, the Company is also presenting an integrated Open Rack Version 3 (ORV3) solution for AI server infrastructure with server power supplies boasting energy efficiency as high as 97.5%. The solution also includes SD-WAN, Common Redundant Power Supply Units (CRPS) with 54Vdc output, ORV3 18kW / 33kW HPR Power Shelves, Battery Backup Unit (BBU), Mini UPS, and a liquid cooling system. A comprehensive portfolio of DC/DC converters, power chokes, and 3D Vapor Chambers, designed to support GPU ecosystems, is also part of the showcase.


News Source: Delta Electronics News Center

Delta’s EVP of Power Electronics, Mr. Ted Shyy, presented Mr. Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, with a corporate gift set co-branded by Innergie, a brand of Delta, and NVIDIA. The gift set includes 【Innergie C6 Duo】 – a 63W Duo USB-C fast charger. Additionally, Mr. Jensen Huang signed his name on Delta’s demo kit of DC-DC converters and power chokes for GPUs.