Understand PD & QC Fast Charging Technology

1. What is Fast charging?


Fast charging literally is to charge the devices faster, which speeds up charging and shortens the charging time within a proper load range. With the evolution of devices, it requires more and more power to charge quickly. Therefore, the old chargers (such as 5W or 12W charger) can no longer support fast charging function. Currently, the popular fast charging technologies are: Qualcomm’s Quick Charge (QC) and USB-IF’s USB PD.

2. What is QC (Quick Charge)?


Qualcomm’s fast charging technology – Quick Charge (QC), the largest supplier of Android mobile phone chips, can provide fast charging and deliver more power/wattage, such as compatible with LG, Xiaomi and other smart phones. It only needs 35 minutes to reach up to 80% battery capacity. Qualcomm’s latest QC 4 and QC 4+ fast charging technologies are compatible with PD 3.0 fast charging as well.

3. What is PD (USB Power Delivery)?


PD (Power Delivery) is a fast charging technology developed by the USB-IF Association. It adopts the latest USB-C interface, and there is no longer a distinction between the front and back of USB-C. It can support a variety of devices and also support to charge iPhone/ iPad devices.
Except for the iPhone (Lightning port), all devices that support PD fast charging must be charged through a USB-C port, so if your new device still use a traditional USB-A charging port or charger, it is high chance that it may not support fast charging.


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