Mobile power,
made better.

Innergie, a brand of Delta, is a leading provider of consumer power solutions with Delta’s 50 years of advanced technical experience.


“To provide innovative, clean, and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” Innergie offers more eco-friendly adapters for consumers.


Our ”One For All” products reduce the clutter with one simple charging solution.

With expertise in compact power technology, Innergie designs and produces solutions for your home, workplace, and mobile lifestyle.

A Brand of Delta

World Power Adapter Leader – Delta Electronic Group

GreenSense™ Technology

GreenSense™ sustainability commitment drives our brand value and product design. We aim for higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. We produce our adapters with 100% renewable electricity.

InnerShield™ Protection

Equipped with the comprehensive power supply protection technology in the industry. Innergie chargers feature five layers of protection, including Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Over Power Protection and Short Circuit Protection.

Miracle 3 % High Efficiency

High power efficiency up to 91.5% conversion rate. In average, you can reduce 3% energy wasted each time you charge your device with Innergie.

Up to 3 Years Warranty

Leveraging Delta’s first-class supply chain and manufacturing technology, Innergie assures product quality and provides up to a 3-year warranty to safeguard you and your device.

Strive for Sustainability in every aspect

We successfully reduced 60% of the package volume since found. It is our responsibility to make use of the least environmental impact as a brand.

You Really Don't Need That Much

Less Is More. We believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Innergie Guards Your Life

Your Safety, Our Top Priority

Highest Standards, Quality Control
The Most Extreme Delta’s Regulations

Robust and Stable

Dropping test from 1.5m height in entire series, unbeatable.

10,000 times insert test

Designed with Delta Electronic’s standard of excellence.

Extreme Temperature Test

Environmental test withstands temperature from 85°C to -40°C, also 95% humid areas all in 168hr long, unbeatable.

Smaller yet Safer

Up to 3 Years Worldwide Warranty & InnerShield™ Protection

We don’t just charge your devices, but also take care of your safety

The Pioneers of Quality

Bear users and environment in mind, produce chargers with exquisite craftsmanship.

Designed and manufactured by Delta Electronics. 1200+ days of reaserch & development, 800+ hrs of safety test, 300+ hrs of environment test. Each Innergie product meets the highest quality standards of any charger.

The art of One For All power solutions

Designed with the most advanced power charging technology available on the market. Compact size with enough power to charge most devices for your everyday life.