FAQ / Compatibility

If you wish to check the compatibility of your device(s), please visit our choose your Innegie page. Otherwise, please contact our customer representatives using the Contact Us page.

First, please confirm your laptop’s voltage and wattage requirement is within Innergie adapter’s specification definition range. If you cannot find a compatible tip within the standard package, we suggest using the Free Tip Program page to find out the tip you need. Then, you apply for our Free Tip Program for Free once you have signed up for our membership.

Mircosoft Surface and Apple MagSafe for laptop currently are not licensed to any third party. Therefore, Innergie does not provide Mircosoft Surface and Apple MagSafe tip in the package or via Free Tip Program.
Yes, Innergie Laptop Adapters currently support up to 180 Watts, hence you can charge gaming laptops with our model 180G.
Innergie Laptop Adapters provides 19-20V working voltage. Your 12V laptop is not compatible with Innergie’ laptop adapters. If your laptop is USB-C laptops (12V), you can choose Innergie’s USB-C Laptop Adapters which can support 12V input.
Innergie specializes in USB PD technology, however, only certain models supports QC charging, such as C6 Duo, C3 Duo, and 30D.