FAQ / One For All / C3 Duo

C3 Duo is one of our One For All series, hence it can charge smartphone, tablet, game console, laptop and any USB-C devices. C3 Duo has a maxi,\mum output of 30 watts. Either port outputs 30 watts and 24 watts when using both ports (15 watts max each).
C3 Duo supports PD 3.0, QC 4.0, and PPS with USB-C outputs at 5V DC/ 3A, 9V DC/ 3A, 12 DC/ 2.5A, 15V DC/ 2A, 20V DC/ 1.5A, PPS 5V-11V/ 3A.
C3 Duo supports the latest Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air. However it does not support MacBook Pro.
C3 Duo currently has two versions: Foldable Version and Single Plug Version.
As C3 Duo only supports a max output of 30W, we do not recommend pairing with Innergie C-T 1.5m USB-C To Tip Cable.
C3 Duo has passed many country’s electronic regulations such as IEC, CES, UL, BSMI, and more. C3 Duo also has a 3-year limited-warranty. Please register your product online to get full protection.