FAQ / Most Ask Questions

At Innergie, one of our mission and vision is to reduce electronic waste, and One For All is our solution to it. It stands for high-energy efficient, high compatibility, and high product quality that could last for years. Simply put, One Adapter for All your chargning needs.
When charging your devices, the IC of your devices will auto-detect and define how much voltage/amp to withdraw from the charger. So, Innergie’s fast charge will not damage your mobile phones. In addition, Innergie build in InnerShield™ Protection which provide five layers of protection, Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), Over Power Protection (OPP), and Short Circuit Protection (SCP).
Yes, you can. One For All series are made for all your USB-C compatible devices, which means it could charge your iPhone, Pixel phone, Switch, Go Pro, Oculus, and laptop.

a. Launched in 2008, Innergie builds on the innovation of Delta Electronics, a world leader in power management with over 50 years of advanced technical experience. Innergie creates world-class quality products that are stylish, innovative, safe, and sustainable.

b. If you wish to learn more about InnerShield & GreenSense, please visit our About Innergie page.