FAQ / One For All / C3 Duo

C3 Duo is one of our One For All series, hence it can charge smartphone, tablet, game console, laptop and any USB-C devices. C3 Duo has a maxi,\mum output of 30 watts. Either port outputs 30 watts and 24 watts when using both ports (15 watts max each).

C3 Duo supports PD 3.0/QC 4.0 with USB-C outputs at 5V DC/ 3A, 9V DC/ 3A, 12 DC/ 2.5A, 15V DC/ 2A, 20V DC/ 1.5A.

C3 Duo supports the latest Apple products, including iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air. However it does not support MacBook Pro.
C3 Duo currently has two versions: Foldable Version and Single Plug Version.
As C3 Duo only supports a max output of 30W, we do not recommend pairing with Innergie C-T 1.5m USB-C To Tip Cable.
C3 Duo has passed many country’s electronic regulations such as IEC, CES, UL, BSMI, and more. C3 Duo also has a 3-year limited-warranty. Please register your product online to get full protection.